23 August, 2010

~ Rescue ~

I have fallen in love. It is not to be wondered at, nor should anyone be surprised - I fall in love with someone/something/somewhere/somewhen daily - but this time ... this time it is different.

Oh alright, perhaps it is not different so much as it is 'here we go again.' Fine, have it your way.

Still ... who can blame me?

She is, as so many of my greatest passions have been, a rescue case. She had been condemned to what amounts to being drawn and quartered. That is to say, she was to have died a horrendous death, to have been donated to the firemen for extrication practice ... eaten, ironically, by the Jaws of Life.

By the time twenty-four hours have passed, she will have taken up residence in our back driveway.

Her looks have faded, it is true, but she has the bones of a great beauty, and I have no doubt she will respond to loving care.

She has not yet told me her name ... though I am certain I can hear her whispering ...

Peace ~

05 August, 2010

~ I Love My Country ~

Should you ever visit my country, let me tell you the Rockies are not to be missed. This country is exquisite from coast to coast to coast, but there is nothing quite like the Rockies .... although ..... close in splendour are fields of flax in full flower .... and whispering waves of wheat just before harvest .... the secret hush of dim and mossy forest .... the wild crash of water against rock down east .... the peaceful kiss of water on sand out west .... the massive silence of the north, where sky and land meet at that magical point and become one .... the sharp, severe slice of southern summer wind, as dry as old bone .... this is a beautiful land .... yeah, I love my country ....

~ Peace

30 July, 2010