22 April, 2010

~ A Mother Knows ~
for Scott

because you hadn’t shown for days

we knew you gone
they disagreed
they asked her what was in her gut
and she said: death
he ravine has swallowed him up
she said

a mother knows

officials think not know
so they refused to look
it will all be well they said
believing wrong everything

a mother knows

you lay dead at the bottom of it
all the while
waiting and awaiting

they found you - finally - and were sorry
of course
their contrition useless after the fact

ashes to ashes

two birds
eagles maybe or hawks
rode the wind for you

or with you

floated above the tears
pressed their wings
against the sky
against the earthly sorrow
they could not ease

we let you go
with God?
with peace?

with reluctance

we planted a tree for you
dampened the ground with our tears
we dug into the soil
and changed the face of the Earth
for you
for remembrance
and for everything
a mother knows


Stampi said...

a mother does know. Peace be with you and your family.

nscropper said...

I agree, a mother just knows. Hugs!

Bonnie said...

What an amazing collection of words.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you are saying. I was working when the paramedics brought him in. I became increasingly uneasily. I entered the ER to gather information to process the patient. I said to the paremedic; you know my son was buying a truck today. The paramedic started to say, it wasn't a... I interupted him and to say it wasn't a truck. He bought a jeep. In that instant I knew it was my son and that he was dying. A MOTHER KNOWS!

~ Mylene ~ said...